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We are pleased to announce that the following dogs have been health assessed under the Chow Chow Bronze Health Scheme. Their participation in the scheme provides valuable data about the overall health and wellbeing of our breed whether companions, show dogs or are part of a breeding programme.

Bailew Nothing Else Matters
Angel Delight At Jamarhys
Bailew Devils Dance at Szechwan
Bailew Fight With Fire at Szechwan
Bailew Seek And Destroy
Beldaris Ms Layla of Bailew
Bojinghai Ebonys Pearl
Bojinghai Fire And Ice
Bonjinghai Catch the Dream for Yontan
Browny's Bodhi Bear at Cheuntao
Butterfly Effect from Chowheaven for Hiswin (Imp)
Ch Chowawen Stary Lane
Ch Dejoh Dior
Ch Guanezhou Silk N Linen
Ch Janqbu Justifying Jacob
Ch Lechan Christmas Joy
Ch Lechan I'm Adele
Ch Maixing Kissed By Fire
Ch Simauta Dess Rizhii Shum For Hiswin (Imp)
Ch Miketilla Mariinsky
Ch Miketilla Mayah
Ch Miketilla Mr Raffles at Komatsu
Ch Miketilla The Messenger
Ch Rendel Ruff N Tuff At Kwaitang
Ch Sukura Midnight Shadow
Chevalier Noir at Jamarhys
Chom Lung Ma (Meisha)
Chopan Here's Roxanne
Chowetha Colour Me Red
Chowetha Million Memories
Cowdenchow William Wallace At Caristiona
Dawnanda Barnaby
Dawnnda Deejay Dusc
Finchow Farrah
Finchow Florence
Foillan Feichang At Jdlindchow
Fullforge Fantastica for Cheuntao
Glenrui Shan Ling at Bojinghai
Henyenhu Tommy Tinker at Jamarhys
Hiswin Hold the Front Page at Bailew
Hiswin Star Dreams
Igrivaya Shalunja Ot Russkogo Couturier At Wengeordy (Imp)
Jamarhys Aphrodite
Jamarhys Aqua
Jamarhys Athena
Jamarhys Bixia Yuanjin
Jamarhys Cerrig Glas Yn Y Mor
Jamarhys Cinnamon Lady
Jamarhys Damara
Jamarhys Demeter Of Caristiona
Jamarhys Desiree
Jamarhys Draig Goch
Jamarhys Eclipse
Jamarhys Elderberry
Jamarhys Electra
Jamarhys Elsa
Jamarhys Emrys
Jamarhys Eye of the Storm
Jamarhys Firoza
Jamarhys Flooded in Black
Jamarhys Fluttershy
Jamarhys Merlot
Jamarhys Sting Like A Bee
Jamarhys Yoan
Janqbu Charlie Cheriston
Janqbu Kiyo Our Sweet Dragon
Jowtrix Black Bart
Kimsmyth's Dark N Dandy of Tsuni
Kwaitang Karbon Kat for Yontan
Kwaitang Katerina
Kwaitang Kole Porter At Lechan
Kwaitang Koletraine
Kwaitang Konstance Kole
Lechan Starlight
Maixing Dark 'n' Dangerous for Ballathie
Marshill Blue Skye
Maychow Mitzy Rosemane
Melclare Majenta from Tsuni
Melclare Mulberry
Mighty Diamonds Jkoys
Miketilla Make Believe
Milchou Dazzling Mufasa
Puik Chow Sweet Dreams Or Phantasy For Hiswin (Imp)
Renferns Queen of Hearts at Jamarhys
Rioja Leoan At Ramannire
Santicana Ching Main
Shagio Chen White Bonus at Bojinghai
Shagio-Chen Ella (Imp)
Shojo Cher
Shojo Fotina
Simauta Dess Razzmatazz
Snowlegend Jaimie For Lechan
Sugar Ray at Bojinghai
Sukura Princess Fumeko
Sukura Princess Sable (Ruby)
Taniko Holle Berry at Ballathie
Tomukoo Black Beauty at Jamarhys
Tomukoo Cream Snowman
Wengeordy Fancy Nancy
Yungjuan Red Bavarian
Zaville Isadora at Jamarhys
Zimushka Zima Ot Russkogo Couturier (Imp)

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