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Will we ever see another "chocolate" chow ?

I bred such a dog in 1964. The dam was red ans the sire was black (who was owned by the late Miss Buckley of Adel Chows).

When the litter arrived there was an odd coloured puppy, my husband said it was milk chcolate colour, but I said there was no such thing as a brown Chow.

I telephoned Miss Buckley and she firmly said it was a fawn, since I have always loved fawns (descending from blues) I felt that this fellow could not be. I then telephoned Anita who confirmed what Ivor had said, it was a chocolate another breeder whom she knew had bred the same colour.

By the time this puppy was about 5 weeks old he dominated the rest of the litter and had to be taken away, he loved people, but not other animals.

It was the "Teddyboy" era and that was what we called him. He eventually went to a couple who had always had a Chow and he lived for 16 years, dearly loved by them. I have always wished that colour photography had been around then, it was still in its infancy and not very good. he remained a lovely chocolate colour with yellow eyes and a dark brown tongue.

Wendy Husk (Wenvor)

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