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The Chow Chow Breed Council have regularly held Health Testing Sessions in conjunction with some of the General Ch. Shows and at one of our Ch. Club shows. Your chows have to be 15 months of age or over, and will have to be microchipped. Testing can be done by any veterinary surgeon who may charge for this service, alternatively, from time to time testing sessions will be run either at General Championship shows or through Chow Chow Breed Club shows where the testing costs will be kept to a minimum. Scheduled testing sessions will be advertised on this site and the Chow Chow Breed Council Facebook page as well as individual club websites.

Chow Chow Breed Council

You will find below databases of chows which have been tested under the KC/BVA Eye & HD Scheme. Owners of chows tested, are urged to send the results to Mrs Pauline Lock, Health Co-ordinator, to the address above, or by scanning the document and sending via e-mail to, so that they can be added to the databases.

Chow Chow Breed Council

The Kennel Club has set up a tool that will allow you to search for any health results for a dog which is registered on the Kennel Club’s Breed Register either by its registered name or registration number (or stud book number). It will display any screening results received and recorded by the Kennel Club from a British Veterinary Association/Kennel Club (BVA/KC) health scheme or an official Kennel Club DNA testing scheme.

Click here to go to the Kennel Club Health Test Finder

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