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Anatomy and the Chow by Miss J O Joshua
(Reproduced here by kind permission of the Midland Chow Chow Club and Miss Joshua - First published in the Midland Chow Chow Club Year Book 1948)

Canine Terminology

Applied Anatomy

Glossary Of Canine Terms

A Summary of Dog Steps by Rachel Page Elliot

The Art and Science of Judging Dogs B & E Publications, California - by Curtis and Thelma Brown

Dogsteps, Illustrated Gait at a glance Howell Book House, New York - by Rachel Page Elliot

Dog, A hobby or a Profession Canine Consultants, Milton, Ontario, Canada - Catherine Gardiner

The Dynamics of Canine Gait Denlinger Publishers - by Leon Hollenbeck

Take them round please, The Art of Judging Dogs Dalsetter Designs, Wakefield, Yorkshire - by Tom Horner

The Dog in Action Howell Book House, New York - McDowell Lyon

The Anatomy of Dog Breeding and other books Popular Dogs Publishing, London - by R H Smyth

Dogsteps - by Rachel Page Elliot

Take them round please - by Tom Horner

The Chow Chow - C.E. Collett

The Chow Chow (chapters 4 & 10) - Honor Green

Canine Terminology - H Spira

A Dog Owners guide to the Chow Chow - D Phillips

The extended description of the Breed Standard in either issue of the The Popular Chow by Leighton & Baer or Lydia Ingleton with Doris Rybot

Videos to watch if you can :
The Official Video Collection distributed by Ringpress Books and available from ‘Our Dogs’ either from their show stand at Championship shows or their online/mail order shop. 1. American Kennel Club on the Chow Chow
2. American Kennel Club Dogsteps
reprinted with the kind permission of the Chow Chow Club Inc.

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